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Purchasing at Lincoln Center

Purchasing is a division of the Finance department whose primary role is Purchasing items for employees and managing the logistics of purchasing efforts.

Purchasing FAQs & Procedures

How do I buy things at LCPA?

If you wish to make a LCPA-business-related purchase, the process depends on what you are purchasing, as well as the total cost (including shipping/fees) of the goods/services. As a tax-exempt organization, please ensure that sales tax is not being charged as part of your purchase cost.

For Purchases (no services) under $5,000:

For all goods being purchased below $5,000 no special process is required. Please place your order with the vendor directly if possible, and pay via invoice if at all possible. If a credit card is required for the purchase and you do not have access to an LCPA corporate credit card, please contact Paula Jennings. If you must get the item(s) in person or otherwise need to make a purchase that will need to be reimbursed by Accounts Payable, please save the receipt(s) and submit them along with a Coding Sheet to Accounts Payable.

For purchases (no services) over $5,000

Any goods being purchased at a cost of $5,000 or greater require a Purchase Order to be created and approved before the purchase can be made. In order to facilitate this, please send the following information about the purchase to Paula Jennings: Vendor Name, Dollar Amount (including shipping/fees), and a brief description of what is being purchased.

How do I purchase services?

For all services of any value, a signed agreement (either a simple Service Contract or a more complicated Longform Contract) is required. Please contact Sara Chang in LCPA Legal to determine which of these is most appropriate for your situation. Generally, the Service Contract is used for simple one-time engagements with a vendor. However, this is not always the case, so please speak with Legal to confirm. All vendors who are going to be providing a service on LCPA property require a valid Certificate of Insurance to be on file with us. Please submit a valid Certificate of Insurance for the Vendor along with your Service Contract or Contract if you have not done so before.

How do I purchase office supplies?

If you are looking to get office supplies in small quantities, the mailroom may have some available - for example, basic supplies such as pens, paper clips, Sharpie markers, etc.

PLEASE NOTE - For large amounts of supplies, please place an order in advance with Paula Jennings

LOW PRICING - on many office supplies, we have negotiated low pricing with WB Mason, Amazon, or Office Depot. These items generally arrive the next day if ordered before 4pm and may arrive the same day if ordered by 11am. However, this is not true for every item - please check special pricing and availability with Paula Jennings.

Copy paper is provided by the mailroom. For large quantities, please place an order in advance with Paula Jennings. Additionally, any specialty paper, labels, envelopes, etc should be ordered in advance as well.

Where can I find or purchase mailing & shipping supplies?

The mailroom has a small amount of mailing/shipping supplies for general use but any special requests or large-quantity requests should be made in advance. To work out the logistics, please contact the mailroom, and for ordering supplies, please check WB Mason, Amazon, or Office Depot and send links and quantities being requested to Paula Jennings.

How can I purchase Computers, Electronics, etc?

Any purchases that are related to IT (e.g. computers, monitors, screen protectors, etc) should be requested through IT - please do not make any IT-related purchases without their assistance.

Purchasing for events

Catering: For LCPA-related catering orders, please set up the order in advance with the vendor after getting permission from your Manager for the order. If the vendor will not allow us to pay via invoice, please work with Paula Jennings to pay for the order with an LCPA corporate card.

Beverages: LCPA has low negotiated pricing with WB Mason, Amazon, and Office Depot on certain beverages (Poland Spring water, Diet Coke, etc). If you require beverages for LCPA purposes, please contact Paula Jennings - please allow sufficient time in advance of the order to ensure delivery on-time.

Events: Please be sure to plan and prepare in advance of any events, especially if you will need any supplies such as beverages, badges/lanyards, custom-printed-items, wristbands, or any other items that will be needed but may take longer to arrive.

How do I buy Business Cards?

If you require business cards in your role at Lincoln Center (check with your manager if unsure), please fill out the Business Card Request Form. Please note that currently, Lincoln Center business cards are only prepared/printed/shipped once the printer has 4 sets pending, so there may be a delay before you get your PDF proof.

Purchasing Directory

Paula Jennings - Senior Manager, Procurement & Contract Services - Ext: 5891

Jackie Grice - Accounts Payable Manager (invoice submissions) - Ext: 5271

Sara Chang - Associate General Counsel and Compliance Director - Ext: 5844