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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for a full range of services ensuring that vendors and employees are paid on a timely basis while maintaining the accuracy of the vendor catalog.

Accounts Payable FAQs, Procedures & Tips

What is the Accounts Payable Coding Sheet?

The Accounts Payable Coding Sheet enables employees to select the appropriate Account Codes to ensure expenditures are properly categorized and aligned with the respective budget.

Find the Accounts Payable Coding Sheet here

Accounts Payable Quick Tips

1. Account Code Information

Account Codes are usually broken down into segments separated by dashes: -

Account Code example: 5500700-100-00-000000.

The first segment of an account code is seven digits long and is referred to as the Natural Account. The Natural account segment describes the name and which type of account it is. (5500700 - Meal Allowance/Working Lunches)

The second segment of an account code is the Department code. See the List of Departments

The third segment of an Account Code is the Fund Type. For operating accounts, Fund Types are 00. See the full list of Fund Types

The final segment of an Account Code is the Project Code.

The Finance Department identifies projects by department in order to accurately report on a project's financing. Find a full list of active Project Codes here

2. Expense Code Information Related to the AP Coding Sheet:

These are some Natural Account codes to highlight in which should and should not be used for certain circumstances:

5500700 - Meal allowance/working lunches. This code should be used for working meals and travel meals/airport snacks.

5500600 - Restaurant dining.

5500400 - Local travel/mileage. Used for all taxis, train travel, mileage calculations and car rental (ex: enterprise, etc).

5500300 - Car service travel/companies

5501100 - Parking.

5620100 - Stationary & supplies. As well as items that are considered office supplies (ex: copy paper, desk supplies) and food/snacks bought for the department.

5621200 - Office supplies & services; should not be used by departments.

3. Accounts Payable Directory

Jackie Grice - Accounts Payable Manager - Ext: 5271

Anna Diaz - Assistant Manager - Ext: 5272

Bekah Bunn - Accounts Payable Assistant - Ext: 5308