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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is a division of the Finance Department whose primary role is to manage customer relations, billings and cash receipts for the majority of LCPA’s revenue streams. This includes events billing, constituent services billing, and any other miscellaneous billing and cash receipts (Including LCE and LFLC).

Accounts Receivable FAQs, Procedures & Tips

Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable Billing

This includes Lincoln Center Education, Live from Lincoln Center, Marketing, rental income and any other non-contracted or contracted services that generates revenue. Departments that have contracted with a client or are providing service should contact Jean Kwartler with any questions regarding the accounting for revenue and accounts receivable.

Departments should fill out an invoice request form, found here, any time an invoice is needed. These should be submitted to Kelly Page.

All cash receipts should be sent directly to Kelly Page to be deposited by accounting. .

Contact Jean Kwartler, Ed Reynoso, or Kelly Page with any questions related to miscellaneous billing

Cash Receipts

ACH or wire transfer deposits are the preferred method of payment. Banking information requests can be forwarded to Kelly Page or Ed Reynoso.

Deposits are done on-site at least once a week. Checks should be sent directly to accounting. If any checks are received by any other department it should be forwarded to Kelly Page as soon as possible.

Accounts Receivable Quick Tips

1. Accounts Receivable Directory

For General Inquiries:

Jean Kwartler - Assistant Controller - Ext: 4269

Ed Reynoso - Accounting Manager - Ext: 5262

Events Billing:

Sheila Vaughan - Senior Revenue Manager - Ext: 4121

Kelly Bodami - A/R Coordinator - Ext: 5083

Miscellaneous Billing and Cash Receipts:

Kelly Page - Staff Accountant - Ext: 5083