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Financial Systems

The Financial Systems team is responsible for the development, maintenance and support of all Lincoln Center's Financial Systems. Including Epicor, Adaptive Insights, FRx & Tessitura.

Financial Systems FAQs & Procedures

What is Financial Systems Support?

Financial Systems Support is a way for the Finance department to prioritize, organize and aggregate all the activity within the various financial systems.

If you encounter issues while using any financial systems, you can email Financial Systems Support.

Once you email Financial Systems Support, a ticket will be auto-created. Your ticket will then be prioritized by the system Administrators and you will receive an email informing you of the resolution of your Financial system question or issue.

What is FRx?

FRx is the Finance departments main reporting system. It offers a catalog of various reports custom made to fit the needs of the various reporting needs.

If you have access to FRx, need access to FRx, would like to know how to access FRx, or have any issues while using FRx, email Financial Systems Support.